5 Steps to Disasterproof Your Online Business

I am very lucky! I have a number of offline coaching clients, all with offline businesses and actually, most of them have more than one business!

Because of the nature of their businesses, they all have brick and mortar locations…

I find that I learn a LOT from them, which is wonderful

Here is a tip from Client K: When she arranged for internet access at her brick and mortar office, she deliberately signed up with a DIFFERENT Internet Service Provider than she has at home.

Her town was hard hit with storms last week and most of the internet service is down. At home, she can only get internet access for extremely limited periods of time, but at the office, all is going well – slower than usual but working adequately. So, with a little bit of reorganization, she is able to get her online work accomplished.

Take Away Lesson

Whenever possible, try to distribute the risk… in this case, it is by having different ISPs for your internet access, or, if you work from home, knowing of a public location where you can get internet access.

In most cases with an offline business, we aren’t actively working on the business all of the time, but we do need to keep in touch – whether by email or by website comments or both.

Adding social media such as Facebook and Twitter in to the mix further complicates things.

Many times, without realizing it, we rely on multiple hardware options to run our online empires

It may be that you find that you are using a combination of technology to keep in touch – bouncing between your smart phone and your computer.

Obviously, the smart phone provides redundant backup for email and social media, so you have that covered. But do keep in mind that your website may need updates or other work and your smart phone may not provide an effective way to accomplish those tasks.

Plan Your Online Redundancy


When you have the time, take a few minutes and list all of the online activities you are involved in over the course of a week. Then, think about everything else and see if there are any irregular tasks that may not appear on that list. These might include tasks or circumstances that occur rarely.


Now, take that lists of tasks and identify your MAIN method of access – home computer or smart phone, for example.


Next, decide on a backup method of access – this could be office computer or internet access at the library. In the case of using your smart phone, is there a way to access those resources by way of your computer? If not, is there another smart phone – such as a family member or friend – that you could utilize in a pinch?


Finally, identify the information you would need to utilize those backup options… for example, if you might need to use someone else’s smart phone, how would you access YOUR email addresses?


Ask yourself if there is a practical way to provide yourself with secure information in a different geographical location, to add another layer of security.

In my case, my sister lives about 650 miles away. It is unlikely that a weather disaster affecting me will also affect her, so storing information with her and/or providing her with access to my online backups makes sense. Even if I can’t get to the information, she can, under my supervision.

Let’s face it – life happens!

We can’t change how it affects us, but we can control how we react. Being prepared for the worst case minimizes the effect a disaster can have on us and our online businesses.

How Can One on One Chat Service Improvesmart Online Socialconnectionswith Much Loyalty

The modern world is dominated by technology which has changed human lives and the ways they communicate with each other now. With the implementation of internet service both for the businesses and personal purpose, billions of people are indulging themselves in online chats through the messaging applications, apps or chat rooms and express their beliefs, ideas with the likeminded people. The one to one chat application has been successful in standing out in the competitive digital world especially with the advent of smartphones and androids thus creating an avalanche of followers and has taken over the social media. In short, this application serves as an instant messaging platform where two persons residing in any part of the world can connect with each other as well as share photos, videos or add their location with close friends and family free of cost.

Nowadays people engage themselves in multitasking activities and hardly spend some time for leisure. The chat apps working on iPhones or other devices are a more reliable and convenient option where people can send messages to someone who is online while performing the other tasks. Some of the one to one chat apps also offer the options to delete or forward messages if needed. Moreover, such applications do not support any form of advertisements allowing a person to send more than 100 words, PDF files, share the documents in a user-friendly way and serves as an effective alternative to sending SMS.

Some of the social networking sites available on the internet offer some articles which suggest remedies for overcoming depression especially for the people who are suffering from prolonged illness and have become disheartened with life. However, overcoming depression is not something which could be done in a blink of an eye hence such people look for someone to talk to for relief and comfort. There are several options of talking to strangers online with or without registration and international chat rooms that provide the opportunities of one to one talks as well as make audio and video calls. It helps the individuals to establish new and healthy relationships with the people around them as well as cope up with the mental turmoil in their minds. Some of the random chat apps have been highly successful in boosting up and verifying someone’s feelings with the other person in a matter of seconds.

Effective one to one communication is also vital for breaking down the barriers of the world thereby serve as a good substitute for long distance telephone conversation. Both small and big businesses also rely on juggling with the chats in dealing with the clients of different accents in real time rather than attending multiple phone calls throughout the day. Some of the ones on one chat applications act as simple texting platform for private chats such as online dating thus giving a better user experience with just a single click. Such conversations serve as a channel helping a person to chat with someone about specific topics such as hobbies and interests in the comfort of their homes as well as stay in touch in the long run.

Getting Online With DSL Can be Exciting

Getting online can open up a whole world of information and fun that those who haven’t explored the Web can’t even begin to imagine. Deciding how exactly to get online, however, can be a bit of a trick. Many Internet users choose to go with DSL. Offering fast connections and typically reasonable pricing, DSL Internet service providers tend to win hands down over regular dial up options.

Finding the right DSL Internet service providers will take a little research. What is available as far as service providers goes will depend a whole lot on the geographical area in question. Not all areas have DSL, although this is changing rapidly.

If a decision hasn’t yet been made between DSL, cable or dial up, some research here could also be in order. DSL, or digital service line, connections are much faster than dial up. They use existing phone lines to transfer data, but they don’t prevent the use of the phone in the process. The connections are considered, in most cases, to be a bit slower than cable, however. The pricing on DSL tends to fall in the middle between the choices. This can make it a solid option for those who want faster connections without high expenses. A second phone line is not needed to take advantage of what DSL Internet service providers offer.

If DSL is the decision on the way to go, shoppers will need to do a few things to find the best. The first, of course, is to check and see if DSL is available in the area. The phone company, which will likely offer DSL if it is, will know. The options of DSL Internet service provides include:

,,h Phone companies. They almost have a corner on the DSL market, but not quite. Many users, however, find it’s just easier to deal with their phone company and pay a single bill rather than several.

,,h Large Internet providers. The big companies like America Online, EarthLink and more all offer DSL in certain areas. Their packages use the same phone lines the phone companies do, but sometimes they can cost a little less and even offer more perks.

,,h Smaller firms. Some areas are home to a host of locally owned DSL companies. Like the bigger providers, these companies use the phone company’s equipment to provide their service. What they offer will vary greatly from provider to provider.

When trying to choose between the different DSL Internet service providers look at things like pricing, what’s included and the speeds offered. Not all DSL connections are exactly alike. Some options actually provide for faster transfer rates.

DSL Internet service providers can make getting online a snap. Finding the right one will depend a lot on the area in question and personal preference. From actual phone companies to mom and pop type businesses, there are choices on the DSL market.